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Classes and Workshops


  1. AD D Administration Practicum II
  2. AD C Administration Practicum I
  3. AD Program Development: Working with Families
  4. AD Program Development: Leading a Montessori School/ Reflection
  5. AD Program Development: Creating a Learning Community
  6. AD Program Development: Circle of Influence
  7. AD Program Development: Community Outreach & Marketing
  8. AD Educational Leadership: School Affiliation, Accreditatioon & Risk Management
  9. AD Educational Leadership: Structural Communication
  10. AD Program Development: School Operations
  11. AD Educational Leadership: Quality Principles & Environment Assessment
  12. AD Educational Leadership: Human Resources (HR) Topics
  13. AD Educational Leadership: Staff Development
  14. AD Educational Leadership: Environment & Quality Principles Assessment
  15. AD Program Development: Licensing Regulations & Compliance
  16. AD Program Development: Leading a Montessori School Through Participative Management
  17. AD Program Development: Fiscal Management
  18. AD Educational Leadership: Long Range Program Planning & Evaluation
  19. AD Educational Leadership: Effective Leadership Strategies
  20. AD Educational Leadership: Recruiting, Selecting & Orienting Staff
  21. AD Educational Leadership: Child Assessment & Learning Differences
  22. 6.6.5.P1 Administration Practice and Philosophy #1
  23. 6.6.5.P2 Administration Practice and Philosophy #2
  24. 6.6.5.P3 Administration Practice and Philosophy #3
  25. 6.6.5.P5 Administration Practice and Philosophy #5
  26. 6.6.5.P4 Administration Practice and Philosophy #4