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Montessori del Mundo

15503 e mississippi ave
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Paola Perez
Lower EL Teacher
Elementary I (6-9)
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Full Time
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Elementary I
Elementary I-II
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Montessori del Mundo (MdM) is a public charter school of Dual-Language and Montessori in Aurora CO. MdM follows the Montessori teaching and curriculum philosophy and also uses the dual-language model reviewed by scientists with the goal that all children are bilingual and can read and write in both languages. Academic instruction is in Spanish and English to prepare children for the bilingual world of the future. We are now hiring teachers for the 2020-2021 school year.

Posición: Montessori Teacher: Taller 1 (1-3 grade)

Idioma de instrucción: English

Work description:

Provide individualized instruction for students in a multi-age Montessori classroom (1-3 grade). Establish and maintain the physical environment of the classroom including the creation of materials. Develop a positive and productive culture that results in normalization. Observe and analyze student work and plan and give appropriate instruction. Maintain a system of records to track the progress of students. Develop each student as a bilingual person and able to read and write in both languages. Provide effective literacy instruction aimed at the development of bilingual literacy. Invest in families to cultivate and maintain positive relationships with parents. Organize and supervise excursions. Supervise students and ensure their safety. Supervise assistant in the classroom. Deliver reports and other administrative work on time. Other functions that are assigned.


  • Committed to dual-language education and the Montessori philosophy

  • Native and native Spanish and English, ability to give instruction, communicate with parents and participate in teacher meetings in both languages

  • Minimum of a university student and having passed the PLACE or Primary Praxis exam

  • Montessori Certificate for 1-3 grade (or willingness to obtain certification during the summer and a strong commitment to the Montessori philosophy.)

  • Experience with and passion to: work with children who are learning a second language, literacy instruction, oral language development

  • Experience working with standards (CCSS)

  • Committed to cultivating long-term relationships with students, parents, and colleagues

  • Desire to learn and grow as a teacher; openness to the analysis of their teaching, feedback, collaboration, and commitment.

  • Experience working with “at-risk” children

  • Preferred: 3 years of experience as a teacher in a Montessori classroom and/or in a 90/10 dual language program.



Please email your application to attn: Hiring

o   Resume  

o   Cover letter 

o   Teaching philosophy statement 1-2 pages


This position is for the 2020-2021 school year. We will accept applications until we have already hired someone for the position.