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Administration Course

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2020 - 2021 Year-Round Schedule

2020 -2021 Curriculum Practice & Philosophy


The Administration Courses is comprised of 48 instructional clock hours which, when successfully completed, enables the adult learner to be Director-Qualified for Community Care Licensing. Instruction includes:

  • Program Development: Licensing
  • Educational Leadership
  • School Operations

Program Highlights

  • Montessori Philosophy and Curriculum Overview
  • Administration Leadership and Peaceful Community
  • Personnel: All Aspects
  • Financial Management and Software to support Budgeting
  • Insurance Issues
  • Educational Leadership and Program Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Public Relationships and Marketing
  • Administrator Handbook
  • Highly Experienced Facility


Required Binder:

Administration Binder $25.00 available on the first day


Administrative Office: 101 Callan Avenue Suite 420,  San Leandro, CA 94577

Instructional Class: 790 East Duane Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA  94085           

Faculty: Ann Gavey


For further information

 (510) 278-1115   FAX  (510)  278-1577