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Official Transcript Request

Official Transcript Request 

Please read the following carefully before proceeding.

FOR Adult Learners (Students) enrolled after 2012, unofficial transcripts can be printed at no charge by personally going to your account and printing your "grade book".

Financial requirements:  Your account must be current paid in full before your official transcript request is processed. Please email for a current financial statement. Outstanding balance for books/manuals is a financial obligation that must be fulfilled.

Academic requirements:  Your transcript request is delayed if there are academic suspensions, lack of academic history, an incomplete application for admission, or failure to include payment with your request.

Failure to complete any one of the fields below within the request form may delay or prevent your request from being processed:

  • Current Full Name and Former Name (if applicable)
  • Approximate Dates of Attendance
  • Signature
  • User Name (if applicable)
  • Date of Birth
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • Address to which your transcript(s) are to be mailed

Please note: Due to the volume of transcript requests that we receive, and our dedication to the timely processing of those requests, we do not automatically confirm receipt of your request or its completion.

Submission Instructions

  1. Read through the transcript ordering information
  2. Complete the Official Transcript Request Form
  3. Submit form with fee

Transcript request forms can be submitted in any of the following ways:

Email or fax requests will only be granted if there is a balance on your account equaling to or exceeding the cost of transcripts.

*Please review your unofficial transcript before requesting official transcripts.

PDF icon Official Transcript Request Form61.49 KB