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Foreign Student Information


The Montessori Teacher Education Center San Francisco Bay Area (MTEC-SFBA) is authorized under federal law to issue the I-20 document to nonimmigrant alien students.

Overseas Students without US Visa Status:

Out of United States Application: MTEC-SFBA issues the Initial I-20 document and a Letter of Acceptance to the applicant-student in order to secure an F-1 visa from the United States Embassy.  The F-1 Visa alllows the student to enter the United States and enroll in MTEC-SFBA coursework as a full-time student in the Montessori teacher credential program. 

In the United States Change of Status: MTEC-SFBA issues the Initial I-20 and the Letter of Acceptance to the prospective student. These two documents, in addition to other documents, are submitted to the US embassy for issuanace of the F-1 Visa.  Change of Status: H-4, F-1, E-2, J-1, L-2, H-1B:

     H-4 Visa: Changing status from the H-4 Visa to a F-1 Visa is advised in the second year in order to add  CPT during the paid Student Teaching /Practicum. Enrollment is allowed while having in H-4 Visa status. 

     F-1 Visa: Student  enrolled at another school may transfer to MTEC-SFBA. MTEC-SFBA issues the School Transfer Form and the Letter of Acceptance to the applicant-student. These two documents are submitted to the current school for transfer from their current school to MTEC-SFBA.

     E-2, L-2 & J-1 Visa:  Holders of the E-2, L-2 & J-1 Visa are permitted to attend school either part-time or full-time.

     ALL OTHER VISAS:  All other Visa must obtain a Change of Status from the US Immigrationa and Naturalization.  Submit all required documents in addition to the MTEC-SFBA Letter of Acceptance and the Initial I-20 issued by MTEC-SFBA to the US Immigraion and Naturalization Department.   

The Change of Status is currently taking six to eight months for processing by the US government. 

MTEC-SFBA takes one to two weeks to review docuements and issue the Chnage of Status and Letter of Acceptance.

Canadian Citizens:

Canadian citizens are not required to have a U.S. visa. However, all Canadian citizens are required to apply for and abide by all I-20 requirements.

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"This school is authorized under Federal Law to enroll nonimmigrant students."