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Foreign Student Information


The Montessori Teacher Education Center San Francisco Bay Area (MTEC-SFBA) is authorized under federal law to issue I-20 papers to nonimmigrant alien students.

Overseas Students:The I-20 document issued to the applicant-student is used to secure an F-1 visa from the United States Embassy.  The F-1 Visa alllows the student is enrolled in MTEC-SFBA coursework as a full-time student in the Montessori teacher credential program.  A letter of acceptance accompanies the I-20 to the embassy.

A F-1 visa student  enrolled at another school may transfer to MTEC-SFBA.

MTEC accepts nonimmigrant alien students who hold an H-4 visa. If the student chooses to study full-time, changing stats from the H-4 Visa to a F-1 Visa is advised in the second year in order to add  CPT during the Practicum. 

MTEC accepts nonimmigrant alien students who hold an E-2, J-1, L-2, and H1B visas. All J-1 visa holders must be enrolled in a non-degree program and must be enrolled full-time in a prescribed course of study.

The maximum duration of a non-degree program for J-1 visa holders is 24 months inclusive of academic training.

E-2 and L-2 visa holders are permitted to attend school either part-time or full-time.

All L-2 (spouse) holders are required to apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) in order to work. All L-2 (child) holders are NOT eligible to apply for EAD. H1B visa holders are permitted to attend school part-time only (under 9 units a semester.)

All other visa designation must obtain a change of status and submit all required documents before acceptance into MTEC-SFBA.

Canadian citizens are not required to have a U.S. visa. However, all Canadian citizens are required to apply for and abide by all I-20 requirements.

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"This school is authorized under Federal Law to enroll nonimmigrant students."