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Enrollment & Admission

A. Coursework Enrollment:

Enrollment in a separate course within any of the levels (Infant & Toddler, Early Childhood, Elementary I, Elementary Level II) may begin prior to the course beginning.  Simply create an account/application at this website Home Page, and enroll in the course(s) of your choice.

B. Teacher Credential Application:

Admission to the Montessori Teacher Credential Program, at any of the levels, is a formal process which must be completed by July 1st:

     1.  Review and edit your original account/application for accuracy,                    completeness and standard English punctuation.

     2.  Select the level of credential in your account/application.

     3.  Digitally read and sign:                                                                                 - Acknowledgement of the Student Handbook (download)                           - Acknowledgement of the Practicum Handbook (download                         - Non-Degree Disclosure                                                                           - Professional Development Disclosure                                                       - Foreign Degree Disclosure                                                                     - Out-of-Area & Self-Directed Practicum Disclosure                                     - Acknowlwdgement of BPPE Performance Fact Sheet                                 - Enrollment Agreement

     4.  Upload to your account/application:                                                                 - three (3) letters of reference from employment or education                    - statement of purpose (your reasons for credntial application)                    - Practicum School Agreement & Information                                            - Supervising Teacher Agreement and Credential

      5.  Create the AMS Recommendation form (located below "Application"             in your acount/application) at the credential level which you wish               to pursue.

Non-Degree Disclosure for Infant & Toddler and Early Childhood:

The applicant for the Montessori Infant & Toddler Teacher Credential or the Montessori Early Childhood  Teacher Credential must hold, as a minimum, a High School diploma or GED.

The applicant without a bachelor degree or higher receives the American Montessori Society (AMS) Associate Infant & Toddler Teacher Credential or American Montessori Society Associate Early Childhood Teacher Credential. 

Only a copy of the educational level is required.

Degree Disclosure for Elementary Credentials:

The applicant for the Montessori Elementary Teacher Credentials must hold a bachelor degree or higher from a United States accredited college or university. 

Degree Documentation for United States Degree:

The degree must be documentd by an official transcript (at the highest level of attainment). The official transcript may be digitally generated from the college or university.

Degree Documentation for Foreign Degree:

     1. Foreign degrees must be evaluated by a NACES affiliate. 

     2. If the degree is not evaluated, the country in which the bachelor                 degree was awarded is indicated on the AMS teacher credential.                 The degree must be translated into English by an official translation             service.

An adult learner whose account/application lacks any of the items listed above is accepted on a provisional basis while awaiting full documentation. If there are any questions, the applicant is directed to the Admissions Officer.  Completion & acceptance is found at the applicant's account.


Disclosure:                                                                                  Country, state and local employment requirements vary widely and change periodically. Employment requirements vary in different types of schools (e.g. private, public/charter, faith-based, publicly funded). In some locations or schools, an Associate Credential may not qualify for full teaching responsibility.  Employment regulations may change in the future. The applicant is responsible for checking specific jurisdictions and schools for employment requirements.