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The candidate for the Montessori Infant & Toddler Teacher Credential or the Montessori Early Childhood  Teacher Credential must hold, as a minimum, a High School diploma or GED.

No bachelor degree: The candicate without a bachelor degree the graduate receives the American Montessori Society (AMS) Associate Infant & Toddler Teacher Credential or American Montessori Society Associate Early Childhood Teacher Credential. 

Bachelor degree: The candidate that holds a bachelor degree from a regionally accredited college or unversity is granted a "clear" AMS credential without the "Associate" designation.

The candidate for the Montessori Elementary Teacher Credential must hold a bachelor degree or higher from a United States accredited university, or a bachelor or higher degree from another country as evaluated by a US recognized agency.

Degree recognition:

  • Bachelor degree from a regionally accredited U.S. university or
  • Foreign bachelor degree equvalent to the U.S. bachelor degree.
    • If the degree is not evaluated, the country in which the bachelor degree was awarded will be indicated on the credential.

Applications for enrollment into the practicum must have the following documents submitted June 15.

1a. For Infant & Toddler Teacher Credential Course and Early Childhood Teacher Credential Course:

      High School diploma or GED, or                                                                                                            Official transcript indicating bachelor degree or higher degree*.

1b.  For Elementary Teacher Credential Course:                                                                                                       Official transcript indicating a United States bachelor's degree or higher degree*.                                                                                             

*Foreign transcripts of college degrees must be evaluated by an outside agency to determine their equivalency to a United States degree. Obtain evaluations from members of NACES (, to ensure acceptance by the American Montessori Society.

  • World Education Services, PO Box 745, Chelsea Station, New York, New York 10113-0745. Telephone: 212-966-6311

      2. Three signed professional letters of reference.

          Only professional or academic references are accepted.

      3. Completed online 'Application of Admission' with registration fee ($100.00 non-refundable)

      4. Personal signed Statement of Purpose

      5. Email all documents to

      6. Mail official transcripts and registration fee to:

          Montessori Teacher Education Center - SFBA         
          99 Callan Avenue
          San Leandro, CA 94577

An adult learner whose file lacks any of the items listed above is accepted on a provisional basis while awaiting full documentation. The non-refundable registration fee is billed to the Adult Learner's account once the application for admission has been completed. If there are any questions, the Adult Learner is directed to the Admissions Officer for verification of status. A letter of acceptance or a letter of provisional acceptance is emailed to applicants.

Admission for Non-Bachelor Degree Students:

AMS grants the AMS Associate Montessori Infant & Toddler Teacher Credential, and AMS Associate Montessori Early Childhood Credential when the course graduate has a high school diploma or GED, but not a Bachelor degree.

AMS does not issue an AMS Associate Teacher Credential at the Elementary Levels.

Country, state and local employment requirements vary widely and change periodically. In addition, employment requirements vary in different types of schools (e.g. private, public/charter, faith-based, publicly funded). In some locations or schools, an Associate Credential may not qualify for full teaching responsibility.  

Even if it is currently possible to qualify for a full teaching responsibility without a Bachelor's degree, employment regulations may change in the future. The applicant is responsible for checking specific jurisdictions and schools for particular employment requirements.

Applicants who do not have a U.S. Bachelors degree from a regionally accredited U.S college/university or its equivalent are required to sign a statement verifying that they have received the above information before they are considered for acceptance into this course.

AMS strongly encourages holders of an Associate Credential to obtain a Bachelor’s degree within 7 years of credentialing. AMS hopes you consider your credential as the beginning of your journey of lifelong learning.

Leave of Absence/Change of Status - Declared (Withdrawal) and Undeclared (Drop-out):

Change of Status is permitted at any time. The student completes the "Change of Status" declaration (Withdrawal). If the student does not file a "Change of Status" form but is inactive for one year then the MTEC/SFBA makes the "Change of Status" undeclared (Drop-out). Reactivation of a declared or undeclared change of status requires new registration and registration fee.

Attendance Policy: Absence and Tardy Arrival:

The course is both intense and non-duplicable. MACTE requires a minimum of 90% attendance. For MTEC/SFBA, absences are not permitted. All absences are deemed serious and necessitate a meeting with the Instructor. Punctuality is assumed for the same reasons that absences are not permitted. All absences and tardy arrivals necessitate a return to the MTEC/SFBA to make up the class work. Tutoring by the instructor is optional in lieu of returning to the class. The charge is $35.00 per hour paid to the Montessori Teacher Education Center San Francisco Bay Area. Practicum may be interrupted for varying personal reasons. The length of the practicum may be extended in order to fulfill the nine-month requirement.

Make-Up Classes:

Classes missed may be made up during the summer schedule or in the year-round schedule. The learner is responsible for knowing which class was missed. The make-up class cannot be any of the academic days but must be the specific curriculum and class that was missed. Additionally, full attendance and proper participation including preparation for the philosophy with the philosophy book is required. Complete the Personal Attendance Sheet (PAS) when attending a make-up class. The instructor must sign the PAS at the completion of the class day attesting to attendance and proper participation in the class.