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Instructions for Enrolling

How to enroll online for classes

MTEC's website is designed for you to enroll in classes and view your grade(s).

     All the information you need about our program is on the website.

     To enroll in a class, you need to have an account.

     If you already have an account, do not create second account.


There are 5 steps to enrolling for the first time (returning students skip to step 5):

            Step 1: Creating an account

            Step 2: Confirm your email address

            Step 3: Create your password

            Step 4: Create your Application for Admission

            Step 5: Enroll for desired course


Step 1: Creating a new account:

*If this is your FIRST TIME REGISTERING, please read! You may skip to step 4 if you have already created an account

     On the upper right corner of the homepage, click "Login"

     Click on the "Create new account" tab under the big bold word "User account."

     Follow the instructions on the screen.

     Further instructions will be sent to your email address.

Step 2: Confirm your Email Address:

     Log into your email account, directions are automatically emailed to you.

     Follow the instructions in the email.

Step 3: Create your Password:

     Click on edit, under "my account"

     Select a password, confirm password

     Click "save" at bottom of screen

You may now login to the MTEC website with the username and password you just created.

Step 4: Creating Application for Admission:


     Click on "Create Application for Admission" (you will see the link in blue)

     Complete all information with red asterisk.

     Click "save" at bottom of screen

Step 5: Enroll for Desired Course:

Once you have been approved, an acceptance letter will be emailed to you once a member of the admission staff has reviewed your application, you may now enroll in class(es).

    Click on the “Classes and Workshops” link (located on the left side of the webpage)

    Scroll through the list of coursework

    Choose the class(es) you would like to enroll in

Note: It may be best to have a schedule in front of you to determine when and which class you need to enroll in.

    Once you choose a class, click on the blue link for the class

    Slect the site you would like to attend and click the red “Enroll Now”

    A message will say, "Are you sure you want to join the group..." click "join"

Note: If you do not see the “Enroll Now” link, there is a possibility that this course is not opened for registration at this time. Refer to the class schedule to see when the course is being offered.

     You will be placed on a pending list, MTEC will send an email if you are granted or denied enrollment

*Frequent questions from students*


How do I view the schedule online?

On the left side of the homepage, look for "Credential Course Schedule." Click on the course level you would like to view under desired site (Early Childhood, Elementary I, or Elementary II)

On the right side of the page, look for ‘Options.’ Click on ‘Schedule Year Round’ or ‘Schedule Summer’ for the schedule.

How do I view my grades online?

Login with your username and password. Click on the "Gradebook" tab underneath your username to view all your grades.

**If your grades are not posted, contact the instructor**

I forgot my password! Help!

     On the upper right corner of the homepage, click "Login"

     Click on the "Request new password" tab under the big bold word "User account."

     Follow the instructions on the screen.