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The mission of the MTEC-SFBA is to provide infant and toddler, early childhood, elementary,  and administration courses for Adult Learners that lead to employment as a teacher and  in a Montessori educational setting at the appropriate level.

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Our Faculty…Our Inspiration

Our faculty bring strong academic degrees and Montessori credentials as well as years of practical experience to enrich and deepen your understanding of Montessori, children and their interface in the classroom.

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    Thurairatnam, Elizabeth IT, EC

    Elizabeth Thurairatnam

    Infant & Toddler
    Early Childhood

    Montessori Philosophy II, Montessori Pedagogue II, Environmental Design II, Field Consultant; Program Leadership, Field Consultant

    Early Childhood Field Consultant; Practical Life & Philosophy, Classroom Leadership
    Practicum Coordinator

    Montessori Primary Teacher, Association Montessori International (1980)
    AMS Early Childhood Credential, American Montessori Society (1991)
    AMS Infant Toddler Teacher Credential, American Montessori Society (2010)

    B.A. History, Economics, & Geography, Sri Lanka (1980)
    Diploma in Music, London College of Music (1981)

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    Irena Shklovsky

    Infant & Toddler

    Montessori Philosophy I, Montessori Pedagogue I, Environmental Design I, and Child Development (8 hours).

    AMS Infant and Toddler Credential, American Montessori Society (2002)

    B.S. Language Development for Young Children, State Pedagogical Institute for Foreign Languages, University of Moscow (1978)
    M.A Early Childhood Education, University of Moscow, (1980)

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    EC, EI Lubrano, Thomas

    Thomas Lubrano

    Early Childhood
    Elementary I

    Music and Movement

    Elementary I Music and Movement 

    Elementary II Music and Movement 

    AMS Early Childhood Teacher Credential, American Montessori Society (1990)
    AMS Elementary I Teacher Credential, American Montessori Society (1996)

    B.A. Arts in Theater, Florida State University (1980)
    M.A. Education, College of Notre Dame (2000)

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    Ann Gavey, EC, EI

    Ann Gavey

    Infant & Toddler
    Early Childhood
    Elementary I
    Early Childhood Foundation
    Professional Growth

    Field Consultant, Child, Family, & Community, and Child Development: Prenatal to  Three Years

    Early Childhood Field Consultant, Parent Involvement (Child, Family, & Community); Physical & Life Sciences: Social Studies, Child Development, Philosophy.

    Elementary I Field Consultant, Elementary I Language Grammar Curriculum, Elementary I Geometry Curriculum, Philosophy.

    Elementary II Field Consultant, Elementary II Language Grammar Curriculum, Elementary II Geometry Curriculum, Philosophy.

    Administration Practicum Coordinator, Administration Field Consultant, Administration Coursework.

    Early Childhood Parent Involvement (Child, Family, & Community), Child Development, and Observation in Child Development

    Infant & Toddler                 All About Me & My Five Senses

    Elementary                       Exploring the Seasons and Its Plants and Animals

    AMS Early Childhood Credential, American Montessori Society (1975)
    AMS Elementary Level I Credential, American Montessori Society (1980)
    AMS Infant & Toddler Credential, American Montessori Society (2012)

    B.A. Psychology, University of Washington (1972)
    Fifth Year Teacher Credential/ Native American Education Program,University of Washington (1973)
    M.A. Education, College of Notre Dame (1975)

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    Rigg, Pamela IT, EC, EI, EII, AD

    Dr. Pamela Zell Rigg

    Infant & Toddler
    Early Childhood
    Elementary I
    Elementary II
    Professional Growth
    Early Childhood Foundation

    AMS Early Childhood Teacher Credential, American Montessori Society (1967)
    AMS Elementary (6 to 9) Teacher Credential, American Montessori Society (1980)
    AMS Infant and Toddler Teacher Credential, American Montessori Society (2002)

    B.A. English Literature, New York University (1965)
    M.A. Early Childhood Education, New York University (1969)
    M.A. Educational Psychology, University of Arizona (1972)
    Ph.D. Math, Science & Technology in Education, UC Berkeley (1990)

    Phia Topacio

    Phia Topacio

    Early Childhood

    Early Childhood Instructor: Practical Life & Philosophy, Sensorial & Philosophy, Mathematics & Philosophy

    AMS Early Childhood Teacher Credential, American Montessori Society (2015) 

    AMS Infant & Toddler Teacher Credential, American Montessori Society (2020) 

    B.S. Psychology, Centro Escolar University, Manila, Philippines (2005)

    B.Ed. Early Childhood Education, Centro Escolar University, Manila, Philippines (2006)

    M.A. Special Education, Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines (2008)

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    EC Teresa Moreno

    Teresa Moreno

    Early Childhood
    Professional Growth

    Early Childhood Field Consultant; Sensorial Curriculum, Language Curriculum, Mathematics Curriculum, & Philosophy

    Early Childhood Phonograms:  Green Series

    Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Credential, American Montessori Society (2007)

    B.A. Human Development, California State University – East Bay (2016)
    M.A. Education Leadership, California State University – East Bay (2021)

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    Frost, Brigitte EI, EII

    Brigitte Frost

    Elementary I
    Elementary II

    Elementary I Geometry Curriculum, Elementary  Mathematics Curriculum, & Philosophy

    AMS Elementary Level I-II Teacher Credential, American Montessori Society (2001)

    B.A Psychology, University of Dallas (1987)
    M.A. Education, Loyola College (2002)

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    Haghbin, Maryam IT, EC

    Maryam Haghbin

    Early Childhood
    Professional Growth

    Practicum Coordinator/ Field Consultant
    Maryam Haghbin

    Maryam Haghbin, Instructor

    Early Childhood          Sensorial , Learning Differences, Peace Education

    Early Childhood         Yoga for Early Childhood, Colored Cylinder Extensions
    Infant & Toddler         Observation, Personal Growth, Yoga for Toddler


    Early Childhood Education Certificate, Butte College  (2001)

    AMS Early Childhood Teacher Credential (2004)

    AMS Infant Toddler Teacher Credential (2018)


    B.A. Sociology, Tehran University (1982)

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    Julie Karlones

    Julie Karlonas

    Early Childhood
    Elementary I
    Professional Growth

    Art Curriculum

    Elementary I Art Curriculum

    Elementary II Art Curriculum

    Early Childhood Art Curriculum for the Early Childhood
    Elementary Art Curriculum for the Elementary

    AMS Elementary Credential I & II, American Montessori Society (2006)

    M.A. Montessori Elementary Education, St. Mary’s College (2008)
    B.A. Fine Arts Printmaking, Sonoma State University (1989)

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    MTEC San Francisco Bay Area maintains the following three accreditations, which assures our students that we meet the high standards required by these agencies.

    MACTE Logo


    Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE)

    MACTE accreditation is in seven (7) year internals. MTEC-SFBA current accreditation interval is 2022 to March, 2028.

    Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) Address: 420 Park Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902. Phone Number: (434) 202-7793. Executive Director: Rebecca Pelton



    American Montessori Society (AMS)

    AMS affiliation is in seven (7) year intervals. The current accreditation interval is 2012 to March 2028.

    American Montessori Society (AMS) Address: 116 East 16th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10003 Phone Number: (212) 358-1250 Chief Education & Learning Officer: Gina Lofquist

    Bppe Logo

    “Approval” or “approval to operate” means that the Bureau (BPPE) has determined and certified that an institution meets minimum standards established by the Bureau for integrity, financial stability, and educational quality, including the offering of bona fide instruction by qualified faculty and the appropriate assessment of students’ achievement prior to, during, and at the end of its program.

    Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) Address: 1747 N. Market Blvd. Unit 225 Sacramento,CA 95834 Phone Number: (888) 370-7589 Bureau Chief: Dr. Michael Marion, Jr.

    The BPPE ensures that Schools of postsecondary education meet defined standards. Among the standards are disclosure requirements.

    School Performance Fact Sheets (PFS) is such a disclosure. The PFSs below are filed with the BPPE. Regardless of any information you may have relating to completion rates, placement rates, starting salaries, or license exam passage rates, the School Performance Fact Sheet below contain the information as calculated pursuant to state law.

    Any questions a student may have regarding these fact sheets that have not been satisfactorily answered by us may be directed to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

    Address: 1747 N. Market Blvd. Unit 225 Sacramento, CA 95834 Website: www.bppe.ca.gov Telephone number (toll-free): (888) 370-7589 Fax: (916) 263-1897

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