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Tuition and Fees


 1.    Infant & Toddler Teacher Course: Total Tuition is $2250.

        Tuition may be paid at $375. per course for six (6) courses.                 

2.   Early Childhood Teacher Course:  Total Tuition is $3200.

        Tuition may be paid at $400. per course for eight (8) courses.

3.   Elementary Level I Teacher Course: Total Tuition is $4500.

      Tuition may be paid at $450. per course for ten (10) courses.

4.   Elementary Level II Teacher Course: Total Tuition is $2250.

       Tuition may be paid at $450. per course for five (5) courses. 

Additional Course Costs - Books & Materials:

     Tuition Fees do not include books, manuals, supplies, and materials.           The MTEC - SFBA does not sell manuals and materials.                                Visit for current prices. 

Fees for the Credential Due by July 1st: 

1. Registration Fee: $100.00

2. Agency Fees:

     American Montessori Society (AMS):                                                         $240.                                          

     Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Credentialing (MACTE):           $166.

     Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) Fee:                             $  0.

3.  Field Consultant Visit Fee* (Three Visits):                                                 $400. 

Possible Fees in Certain Circumstances:    

4. Early Childhood Self-directed Model requiring three (3) additional                Field Consultant Visits: $300.

5. Early Childhood Overview (ECO) Course required if the student does not      have the Early Childhood credential and seeks the Infant and Toddler.        or the Elementary Credential:  $375. 


 *Transportation cost of the Field Supervisor to the practicum site are an  additional fee at the federal rate/mile paid directly to the Field Consultant. 



Financial Aid:

MTEC-SFBA does not provide financial aid.


The American Montessori Society Scholarships Funds is a tuition scholarship program which is awarded each year. The application for the scholarships may be requested from American Montessori Society, 116 East 16th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10003-2163 - (212) 358-1250. The application and all supporting documentation must arrive at the AMS office by May 1st to the AMS/Teacher-Education-ScholarshipsCoordinator.

 Additional Seminars and Workshops:

     MTEC offers Administration and Professional Growth classes for additional tuition fee(s).