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Transfer Procedures To MTEC

When transferring from your current school to Montessori Teacher Education Center - San Francisco Bay Area you maintain your current F-1 number.

1. When transferring to MTEC-SFBA create an online account/application on this MTEC website.

2.  Email to MTEC-SFBA the following information in your letter of request:

  • Surname
  • Given Name
  • Name Listed on Passport
  • Preferred Name
  • Country of Birth
  • City of Birth
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Permanent Address in Home Country - Complete
  • US Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Date Applicant Intends to begin MTEC coursework.
  • The Credential Level Applicant Seeks:
    • i.e.- Infant & Toddler, Early Childhood, Elementary I, or Elementary I-II
  • Site Location:
    • i.e.-San Leandro, Foster City, or Sunnyvale

Include the following documents with applicant's letter of request:

  • Verification of financial means to support the applicant for the academic term of twelve months. This may come from a personal bank account statement from the applicant and/or a sponsor agreement to support applicant financially. The funding may come from several different sources but must total $17,000.00 USD.
    • All financial support documents must be in English, or with an official translation into English from the bank attached.
    • All bank statements and bank letters must be on bank letterhead and include the name of the account holder, account number, and specific amount of funds.
    • The name of the sponsor on the affidavit of support must match the name of the account holder on the bank statement or bank letter.
    • All funds must be readily accessible and liquid, such as savings accounts and checking accounts. Investments with fluctuating values are generally not recommended as viable proof of funds.
    • An F-1 student may not act as a sponsor for a fellow F-1 student.
    • The following are the types of sponsorship that an F-1 student can have with MTEC:
      • Affidavit of Support (Notarized)(Attached below)
      • Initial Entry – US Sponsor
        • Affidavit of Support (Notarized)
      • Initial Entry – Sponsor Abroad
        • Guarantee letter of support
      • Initial Entry – Self Sponsor
      • Transfer–In – Self Sponsor, US Sponsor, or Sponsor Abroad
        • Recent bank statement with appropriate amount of funds for duration of I-20
  • Three professional letters of recommendation
  • Copy of Current VISA & Copy of Current Passport
  • Personal Statement of Purpose
  • Copy of applicant's current I-20
  • Education documents:
    • Copy of degree certificates or transcripts.
    • Degree transcripts or High School diploma/GED
      • Foreign transcripts of college degrees must later be evaluated by a NACES agency to determine their equivalency to a United States degree. 
      • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required for acceptance into the Elementary I and Elementary I-II programs.
      • MTEC does not require applicants to take any language test: e.g. TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, or LSAT; however, the US Embassy strongly recommends that all student visa applicants provide standardized test scores.

All of the above information MUST be submitted as a complete set. 

If all of the information is provided, and the applicant is admitted to the MTEC credential program (an interview is required), then MTEC provides the applicant a transfer form and a letter of acceptance that is submitted to the applicant's current school.

Notify your current school's international office of your intention to transfer. Your adviser will then transfer your SEVIS record to MTEC. Only your current school has access to your SEVIS record; therefore, MTEC cannot issue you an I-20 until your SEVIS record is transferred from your current school to MTEC-SFBA.