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Transfer Procedures From MTEC

To transfer from MTEC to another school in the United States, you must first be accepted to the new school. After your acceptance:

  • Email a completed transfer form (provided by your new school) along with a copy of the admission letter from your new school.
    • The transfer out date to your new school lists is the date MTEC loses access to your SEVIS record and your new school gains access to your SEVIS record.
    • This date should be at the end of your final enrollment course at MTEC. If you are unsure about your end date, please consult our international student adviser.
  • Allow one week for processing your transfer request.
    • Please note all financial obligations with MTEC must be fulfilled before a transfer request is accepted.
    • If you are registered for any future coursework, the international student adviser will remove your enrollment. 
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your SEVIS release from the international student adviser.
  • Contact the new school's international admissions office for your new I-20

*If your new school requests a verification of legal status, please let our international student adviser know.