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Process for Processing Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization is available to F-1 students entering the Practicum/Internship/Student Teaching.


The Practicum is a requirement for the American Montessori Society's Teacher Credentials. 

The Practicum is defined by a minimum duration and schedule:            --  - Monday through Friday,                                                                        nine consecutive months - September through May,                      minimum of three hours per day                                                               - at theinfant and toddler level and the early childhood levels, and               minimum of six hours per day                                                                   - at the elementary I and elementary II levels. 

Implementation of the Montessori philosophy and the Montessori curriculum is the purpose of the practicum/student teaching leading to mastery of the MACTE competencies.

Request for the CPT in order to begin the Practicum occurs at the successful completion of the academic curriculum classes. All financial obligations must be fulfilled. 


  • Completio of the core courses;
  • Academic standing with all coursework graded with "B" or higher
  • Financial accounts current
  • Active F-1 status


  •  Two semesters of CPT Practicum are required.
  • A student must complete CPT by the expected completion date (June 30th) on the I-20.
    • An I-20 is not extended for the sole purpose of extending the CPT.
  • The MTEC Office is authorized by the US Government to apply for  curricular practical training (CPT) for a specific employer and for a specific period of time of no more than 12 months.
  • Employment may not begin before the first day of authorization and may not extend any later than the last day of authorization.
  • In order for MTEC to authorize CPT, the student create the AMS Recommendation form in the student's web-based file with school practicum site, and supervising teacher information.
  • And an offer letter from the employer that includes:
  • A description of the position
      • Lists the duties
      • The beginning and ending dates of the employment
      • Part-Time or Full-Time employment
      • The full name of a supervising teacher who will evaluate and support the applicant's performance in the practicum
    • Site Agreement 
      • Copy of site’s AMS Membership or State Licensing
    • Supervising Teacher Information and Agreement 
      • Copy of Supervising Teacher’s Montessori Credential


  • Select a Montessori school that qualifies as a practicum school. (Refer to the Student Handbook).
  • Take listed documents above to the employer, preferably when you go for your initial interview, for completion.
  • Request a letter of offer from the employer, on letterhead stationery. 
  • Email all required documents listed above and a cover letter requesting CPT to MTEC.  Mail the non-refundable CPT Fee of $275.00 to MTEC's main office.
  • The CPT authorization is added to the student's I-20.
  • Three copies of the CPT are issued to the applicant. All copies are required to be signed by the applicant:
    • One copy is required to be given to the employer
    • One copy is the applicant's
    • One copy is for Social Security

Note: I-20 students cannot enroll in Practicum coursework until CPT is issued.