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Change of Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Site


  • Change of employment may not begin before new CPT is approved and may not continue after completion date listed on I-20.
  • The student must obtain:
    • A new offer letter from the employer that includes:
      • Recommendation for employment
      • A description of the position
      • Lists the duties
      • The beginning and ending dates of the employment
      • Part-Time or Full-Time employment
      • The full name of a staff or faculty member who will evaluate and support the applicant's performance in the internship
    • Site Agreement 
      • Copy of site’s AMS Membership or State Licensing
    • Supervising Teacher Information and Agreement 
      • Copy of Supervising Teacher’s Montessori Credential


  • Take listed documents above to the new employer, preferably when you go for your initial interview, for completion.
  • Request a letter of offer from the employer, on letterhead stationery. (Details are listed above)
  • Email all required documents listed above and a cover letter requesting a new CPT to MTEC and mail payment of $200.00 for the new CPT Fee of $200.00.
  • If MTEC's international student adviser determines that the applicant has met all previous financial obligations, and all required documents have been submitted, a new CPT authorization is added to the learner's I-20.
  • Two copies of the new CPT are mailed to the applicant. All copies are required to be signed by the applicant:
    • One copy is required to be given to the new employer.
    • One copy is for the student.